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Supplemental Insurance

Supplement Insurance
Supplemental insurance plans fill the gap of what traditional health insurance does not cover. Often than not you may think that your health insurance will cover all of the expenses of a hospital stay, illness and accidents. Supplemental insurance actually contributes to offset the costs of deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance and provides other benefits.

Supplemental health insurance plans pay benefits directly to the insured for specific treatment or “critical care” this may include cancer, stroke, heart attack, accidental health insurance, hospital indemnity insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

Some Supplemental Health Insurance Plans Include:

• Dental Insurance
• Long term care insurance
• Medicare Supplement Plans
• Disability insurance
• Short term care insurance
• Vision Insurance
• Life Insurance
• Travel Insurance

Growing families often benefit when combining a supplement dental plan with traditional health insurance to cover the cost of orthodontic care. The out of pocket expense of braces can cost several thousand dollars.

The senior population typically benefits from long term care insurance and Medicare supplement insurance. These plans bridge the gap for hospital stays, nursing home care, in-home care, therapy, prescription drugs and preventative care.

If you become ill or have an accident disability insurance or short term care insurance assists in paying doctor bills. Typically plans pay benefits directly to you to cover lost income while others pay for illness and injuries. Coverage may include emergency treatment, surgical procedures and physical therapy.

Vision care is not typically covered under a traditional health insurance plan. Supplement vision insurance provides coverage for preventative care, prescription eyeglasses and in some cases eye surgery.

Life insurance provides monetary coverage upon one’s death. The beneficiary is paid a lump to cover the expenses left for burial and remaining bills of the loved one.

Travel insurance provides coverage if you are traveling outside of your provider network and need medical attention. This can give peace of mind when on vacation.
Consider a supplement insurance plan. This can make a big difference financially. Know the condition of you and your family’s health. Learn more about supplemental health plans from your employer, broker or private insurer. For Medicare go to for more information.